Worried about your data falling into the wrong hands?

Your enterprise doesn’t need to fall victim to breaches in Internet Security.

Take your vital & confidential business data off the grid and connect to your locations across the globe via your own secure, offline GSAN Vanta dark satellite network.

Extraterrestrial Security


GSAN Vanta takes your mission-critical business network entirely offline and connects it via satellite rendering outside attacks virtually impossible. We call it "Dark Satellite" and it is vitally necessary in today's precarious digital world.

  biometric access

Access to a GSAN Vanta network is only possible through physical access to the satellite network hub infrastructure via biometric authentication to the equipment cage. 2 and 3-stage authentication and video surveillance is also in place to verify the identity of individuals who can access the network.

  sleep at night

GSAN Vanta is ideal for governments, large and small enterprise and any other organization that wants to maintain absolute control and security over their critical data. Sleep at night in the knowledge that your business data is not accessible to nefarious actors out in cyberspace.

See the Light and Go Dark.

Global News

Cyberattack spreading across the world, now in the U.S.

A new and highly virulent outbreak of malicious data-scrambling software appears to be causing mass disruption across the world, hitting companies and governments in Europe especially hard.

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The Street

Kmart Got Hacked - Here Are the Victims of the 5 Largest Retail Cyberattacks Ever

New forms of malware are created and evolve every day, and a U.S. federal interagency report found there were three times more ransomware attacks in 2016 than in 2015 - 4,000 attacks a day. Here are the five largest breaches in retail.

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NBC News

Hackers have taken down dozens of 911 centers. Why is it so hard to stop them?

911 centers have been directly or indirectly attacked in 42 of the 184 cases on SecuLore’s list, the company says. Two dozen involved ransomware attacks, in which hackers use a virus to remotely seize control of a computer system and hold it hostage for payment.

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