Meet The BGAN Killer.

  30x faster than bgan

GSAN Scout* is capable of speeds of 25Mbps download and 5Mbps upload (8W BUC required) and is available with UNLIMITED data plans in addition to per-GB pricing. Enjoy VSat terminal speeds in a form factor no bigger than a pizza box.*

  can be pointed by anyone

GSAN Scout* features an intuitive easy-point assist procedure using a bright, easy-to-read, built-in OLED screen located at the top of the antenna. Just follow the prompts and point the Scout in less than 5 minutes. The Scout-P Auto is fully motorized and will auto-acquire at the push of a button.

  Integrated modem/buc/lnb/GPS

All GSAN Scout models* come standard with a built-in modem, 3W BUC, LNB and GPS receiver with no need for external components or cumbersome cords. All that is needed is power (AC and DC options available).

  built-in wifi or cellular

GSAN Scout* contains a built-in WiFi router for super-fast internet access and can also be fitted with a dual-WAN router that provides options for either satellite or cellular connectivity. An LTE cellular hotspot can also be created using satellite as the backhaul!



The Scout-F is the fixed/semi-fixed version of the new Scout family of flat panel array antennas from Switch. Easy-Point Assisted Alignment makes setup a breeze. Mount to a wall or pole with the included bracket hardware for fixed deployments, or attach to a tripod for quick setup and takedown for comms-on-the-pause.



The Scout-P is the portable version of the new Scout family of flat panel array antennas from Switch. Easily transported in its self-contained enclosure and pointed in minutes with the Easy-Point Assisted Alignment fine-adjustment knobs makes setup and takedown a breeze.

Scout-P Auto

portable + auto-acquire

The Scout-P Auto is the portable, fully-motorized, auto-pointing version of the new Scout family of flat panel array antennas from Switch. Satellite acquisition is as simple as pushing a button.


in-motion + auto-tracking

The Scout-M is the latest in the new Scout family of array antennas from GSAN. Designed for COTM (Comms-On-The-Move), the Scout-M is meant to communicate while in motion.

* GSAN Scout-F, Scout-P and Scout-P Auto models only. GSAN Scout-M does not include a modem, BUC or LNB.

See the Scout in Action

Seeing is Believing

If you don't believe how easy the Scout is to deploy and point, check out these videos of the Scout-P and Scout-P Auto in action.

If you are interested in a demo, please contact us to inquire about how the GSAN Scout can revolutionize your telecommunications solution.

Partner With Us

Wholesale pricing is available for all GSAN Networks (Contended, Private & Wholesale) and hardware, including the Scout line-up of flat-panel antennas. Please submit a Wholesale Partner Application to begin the process of becoming a GSAN Wholesale Partner.

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